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Neither of us were interested in the pub / club nor internet to find that someone special.Trudy at Elite Introductions spent a lot of time with us, learning about our likes and dislikes as well as what we were seeking for our futures.Your Consultant will then speak to you to describe the character and personality of your potential partner so you can decide whether to meet.If you feel comfortable with the introduction, we’ll provide you their phone number – both parties always have total control over who they choose to date.Then one day I felt so fed up with doing the right thing and getting nowhere, so I got on the phone and vented my feelings VERY loudly and angrily.An intro was arranged straight away then, but I only heard from the lady once and nothing happened. Even though I paid another agency first which I wouldn't have done if I could go back in time, they should NEVER have taken my file on if it was too difficult given the two years remaining.

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Just over a year ago I decided that I just had to take the plunge and see...Trudy matched us and we found that on so many levels were we in synch with our moral code, our outlook on life, our desires for our life, our children and our personalities.On our first date we talked and talked until well after am in the morning, and we have not stopped talking ever since.Bridges received my file from an agency that declared bankruptcy with about two years to go on the contract. (Am a man with a mild diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome too).But to get to the point, I made over several polite and reasonable requests for an intro. But didn't hesitate in making contact suggesting I pay 00 to go up to another level.

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