Ipod not updating podcasts

And I am 99% certain that Matthew is incorrect and that refreshing all is not sufficient to bypass the recently listened count.

The wperry link will mark the podcast as listened to, which is the same issue as your workaround that you find unacceptable.

Ratings, reviews, ranking, and related podcasts are maintained by Apple, and you can't change them.

Otherwise, make the changes where the feed is being generated.So I just updated to i Tunes and when looking at specific Podcast list, there were elipses (...) next to the title, you click it, a dropdown menu would appear and you could select to manually refresh.Well, this option is now gone and it would seem like I will only be able to refresh if I'm subscribed to that Podcast (as those I am subscribed to refresh fine when selecting the "Refresh" button at the bottom of the page).However, this totally ruins the whole management aspect as I do not know what I have not listened to.This is most annoying as some have dropped off the RSS feeds so I have to manually find them...

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