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Gretchen Berg is the roommate of Claire in college, after Annie was pushed out of a window and killed by Becky.

Not much is known about Gretchen, except the fact that she has a 'crush' on Claire Bennet.

Jessica's win back in week 4 was the last endurance Ho H, but Alex winning on the Wall in week 3 is the last time we actually got to see an Ho H competition play out on the live feeds.

Colton Haynes' return as Jackson Whittemore to Teen Wolf has been widely anticipated, and the anticipation built when speculation began to swirl that in his time off the show, Jackson had gone through a bit of a personal transformation.

With Jody and Marlena gone on Big Brother 19, all of the house's obvious targets have been evicted.

Now it's time for the eight remaining HGs to start turning on each other, and none of them seem to be aware of that fact.

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The series revolves around Hank Moody, a novelist plagued by alcoholism.The houseguests of Big Brother 19 have been widely critiqued.Nearly every viewer has an opinions of a remaining player's game, or lack thereof, with accusations of mistakes and stupid moves constantly flying around.Tyga, who has also been spotted out with other women since the break-up, has now offered up his thoughts on the new celebrity pairing, insisting Travis has every right to date Kylie."I don't feel no type of way," Tyga told New York radio show The Breakfast Club. "You get with anybody, for the first year it's magic.Then after that you start realising a bunch of s**t."Now, he explained, "I have love for her, but, like, I'm not in love no more (sic).""When it was good, it was good.

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