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BDSM is convenient 4 letter abbreviation of 6 words - Bondage & Discipline (B&D) Domination & Submission (D&S) Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M).

And that’s a bad thing for any lover you might have. A little bit of cock control phone sex with me will help you learn to last longer and please yourself AND your lovers. How long do you usually make yourself last when you’re jerking off?Noooooo Marty, nooooo By: wirepaladin2000 Oh crap I thought as I turned my car around and headed back to the house, I left it on the printer.I had an essay due today in my English class, Id finished it last night and printed it then, Id forgotten to pick it up. I pulled in the driveway and ran upstairs, gathered it up and started back down when I heard what sounded like a sob, it was coming from my Moms room. Mom was lying on her bed drawn up in the fetal position, she was crying. I went but I was distracted all day, Mom was usually pretty cool, it wasnt at all like her to be down in the dumps, shed had enough heartbreak and pain earlier in her life, but shed gotten over it and moved on.I layed there and pecked at her ass over and over again.Last night at Lady Melissa's soirée, She had had him naked, on his knees, behind Her, but had ordered him, in great detail, exactly how to Lick-Worship Her Womanhood and ass.

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