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My daughter is involved with another girl and may decide to identify as lesbian.I’ve reached a peace about this, but the other girl’s family doesn’t know.In this riotous memoir, The deputy editor Cardiff turns a gimlet eye on sex—not the fun adult kind, but the horrible transition from innocence to experience, a passage she calls "a big purple Jungian k-hole...

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’ She said, ‘Don’t forget your sweater.’” There are what Arndt calls ‘Juicy Tomatoes’, i.e., women who have a high sexual desire.The first one says, “You had no idea what I had to do to be allowed to come out to play today: I had to paint the whole house!” The second one says, “And I had to remodel our kitchen!One couple that was involved in Arndt’s research instituted a ‘UP’, which stands for Underwear Parade.The wife had a drawer full of bustiers and g-strings.

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