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“It’s a huge thing for OU HSC, making that big step forward and being a beacon for other schools to follow as well.”With the support of Peggy Wisdom and the Wisdom Family Foundation, core faculty members created the necessary programs.

One exercise is a type of speed-dating that allows students to get to know their peers and learn more about each other’s health professions quickly.

(He and others in this article speak frankly with the condition of not using their last names.) “A lot of what I see is more guys trying to work up the courage to even talk to a girl, and they often ask the bartender for advice,” he says.

“With dating apps, you don’t have the same fear of face-to-face rejection.

” hookups of Austen’s day to the pageantry of clubbing courtships and speed dating.

But like many other social interactions, the internet changed everything about the way we meet mates.

To him, seeking dates in a bar just never seemed like a good way to meet potential partners.

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There was a lot of frustrations about who was responsible for what, but the great thing about those frustrations was that we had faculty support and we got to talk through it.”Because EPIC is a competitive program that is only open to a limited number of students, the core faculty members added All Professions Day so every single student can participate in interprofessional training at some point during their time at OU HSC.

With the addition of All Professions Day, one class from every college on campus — about 800 students — is able to participate in a day of team-building in the fall and a day of clinical scenarios in the spring each school year.“Our campus is fortunate; not only do we have all seven colleges on the same campus, but we’re also making an effort to move toward this [interprofessional education],” Parrish said.

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