Twin souls dating

Both of you are in a way, half the energy that you originally were. Imagine a huge blanket of energy and your soul is cut out of that blanket.

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Similarities With Birth Dates – This doesn’t mean that your twin flame was born on exact same day as you were.

Great place to research your numerology number is here on this site NUMEROLOGY – The Vibration and Meaning of NUMBERS.

What you need to be aware of are syncs with numbers 11, 22, and 3.

I am sure you can recognize many of these people in your life. This relationship is something far different, far deeper, extremely powerful, and something only a few of us might experience in our lifetime.

Because we as a species are evolving (waking up) at a faster pace and in record numbers, we are collectively changing the purpose of relationships. Twin Flames or sometimes referred to as Twin Souls, are thought to be two parts of a soul that split and would incarnate into Earth or other realms to learn, grow, and experience duality.

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