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By enabling customers to reach a live customer service agent, online help chat has proven to be a remarkably effective way of addressing customer questions and concerns, and thereby increasing conversions and sales.

But, there are times when an online chat session can’t provide the kind of personal communication that a customer needs.

Because of their rich family culture, many single Italians live at home until they turn about 30 years.

Abstract This sample application shows how to use the HTML5 video Video Tag in a Windows* Store app.

Some of the more comprehensive chat support software solutions, such as Bold360 from Log Me In, also include video chat software to enable companies to provide deeper, more personal engagement and interaction with their customers.

The result: higher customer satisfaction, larger increases in the average value of orders, and a higher percentage of conversions or sales.Video-enabled chat allows customer support agents to provide help in a more personal manner that results in improved customer satisfaction.the ability to conduct a video chat can make a positive impact on support case resolution times as well as generate more sales.When you want to win more customers by providing a highly personal online experience, live video chat can deliver a unique and engaging way to connect with visitors to your website.When shopping online or browsing websites for information and answers, consumers often require a little help.

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